Funded projects of the fourth INTRA call at the Angewandte

Angewandte Programme for inter- and transdisciplinary Projects in Art and Research

The aim of INTRA’s call and the funding of new in-house projects at the Angewandte is to learn to understand current issues in novel ways. With these seven approved projects, INTRA will be offering support to important inter- and transdisciplinary fields within a broad spectrum of artistic and scholarly methods. (“Scholarly” here refers to areas of established research complementary to the field of artistic research.) All seven projects further exemplify the Angewandte’s many approaches and perspectives, its rigor, creativity and commitment to the best in art and research.

Social transformations need to be experienced and understood via new perspectives. INTRA and its funded projects contribute to the methodical development of artistic and scholarly knowledge processes with regard to complex challenges in both society and at the Angewandte. INTRA is committed to strengthening and supporting the Angewandte’s culture of dialogue, solidarity and the exchange among researchers respectively colleagues.

The call was open from January 17 until April 19, 2023 and 40 submissions were submitted. The Programme Advisory Board reviewed the projects based on programme-specific criteria. The following experts were members of the INTRA advisory board for the 2023 call: Michelle Christensen, Michael Kliën, Alexandra Toland, Margarete Vöhringer and Mario Wimmer. On the basis of an individual peer review by the Advisory Board Members, the Advisory Board collectively developed a list of recommendations for the final decision of the Rectorate (link to seven funded projects).

The fifth call for INTRA projects will be open from January 16 until April 11, 2024: INTRA Call 2024

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