In anticipation of his 2. December Wiener Konzerthaus event, William Kentridge will give a talk on the making of Oh to Believe in Another World. He will take us on his journey of finding a balance between the sounds of Symphony No.10 and his animated images in order to tell the story of Shostakovich and his complicated relationship to the state in the Soviet Union.

The talk by William Kentridge in Vienna forms part of the programming by The Centre for the Less Good Idea’s How | Showing the Making and will be introduced by its co-founder and director Bronwyn Lace.

Pushing The Boundaries: Agency, Evolution, and The Dynamic Emergence of Expanding Possibilities is a transdisciplinary project which employs a collaborative network of biologists, complexity scientists, and philosophers to establish conceptual foundations on which we develop a novel modelling paradigm for evolving agential systems. Led by Johannes Jaeger and Tarja Knuuttila, the project is hosted at the Dept of Philosophy of the University of Vienna, and is funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

Zentrum Fokus Forschung at the University of Applied Arts Vienna collaborates with the activities of the projects, facilitated by Basak Senova, who is the project’s outreach curator and a senior postdoc researcher at the university.


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